Our Mission

Responsive to Our Community (ROC) is an IRS certified 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed with the civic purpose of assisting the those in need living in Rust Belt Cities.

ROC has three interwoven missions:

  1. To stabilize and rehabilitate neighborhoods.

  2. To provide on-the-job maintenance and repair services by providing training to unemployed veterans to refurbish, restore, and beautify properties. ROC is committed to stabilizing neighborhoods—both its housing structures and its people.

  3. To provide newly renovated, safe, and affordable housing to homeless, battered families who are victims of domestic violence. No other mission is more important to us than providing these individuals a new beginning.

The energy-efficiency housing and neighborhood beautification created through our efforts increases the city's tax base while helping to lower crime rates, reducing the number of unsafe public spaces that stem from blighted homes, as well as the negative perceptions associated with the neighborhoods that contain them.

Best of all, the rental income generated from the affordable housing units make each home perpetually self-sustaining, meaning no additional fundraising is required to keep the apartments operational.