What Makes ROC Unique:

ROC sets itself apart by the fact that at least 50% of the homeless abused families that we serve will be Extremely Low Income (below 30% Area Median Income (AMI)) and the remaining tenants must be Very Low Income (below 50% of AMI).  Most other housing charities assist those at the 80%, or even 120%, AMI level. ROC is committed to assisting those that are the hardest to reach.  Furthermore, all tenants will be provided a Health Home Coordinator/Case Manager from a sister organization to help ensure that the individual and her family are getting the physiological, emotional, and vocational training needed for future independent living. 


Additionally, ROC sets itself apart by the fact that it is funded through financial support from its Board Members and private charitable donations.  Less than 10% of all affordable housing is built without taxpayer funds.  According to Urban.org, there is not one single affordable housing unit in Syracuse that has been built without federal grant or loans. ROC’s development would be the first of its kind in the entire Onondaga County.


Finally, and most impressively, ROC will develop these affordable housing units for the hardest to serve indigent with rehab construction costs of approximately $38,000 per unit, which is less than half the average cost per affordable housing unit created by others in the country.  A 2014 study on the average cost per affordable housing units in six US states conducted reported that Texas had the lowest development range of $103,943/unit [1] [2]. Our rehabilitation cost of $38,000 will be achieved through volunteer and pro bono legal, architectural, accounting, administrative, and other support services.  


ROC is working with local sister organizations, including Clear Path for Veterans, Vera House, and Catholic Charities to achieve its interwoven missions. 


[1] Novogradac & Company, New Mexico Affordable Housing Cost Study: Analysis of Construction Cost Trends, Comparison of NM Construction Costs with Surrounding States. August 2014, page 8.

[2] AZ 137,602; CO 159678; NV 143,783; NM 129284; TX 103943; UT 115,967.

[3] California Affordable Housing Cost Study, Page 28 (covering an 11-year period).  

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