Our mission could not be achieved without generous contributions from our donors.  

Donation Amount       Donation Level          

Sponsors                      $10,000 Plus                 

Mr and Mrs. Scala

MAJ Adam Bushey

Sharon and Edward Cupoli

John and Kathy Purcell  

Viola Hall (In Memory)


Platinum              $5,000 to $9,999           

Key Bank

Kurt and Karen Ohliger


Gold                            $501-$4,999                 

Michael Newbill

Micheal Newbill

Caitlin Eger

Kristin Kelling

Dermody, Burke & Brown, CPAs,

Bethaida Gonzalez

Syracuse South Valley Presbyterian Church

Margaret Mullen

Le Moyne Jesuits

OSHA Compliance Group

Devin Borland




* Denotes In-Kind contributions

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